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In the intricate realm of interior design, where the essence of space intertwines closely with personal expression, Kerry Crauser, the owner of Kerry Crauser Interiors, stands out as a creator of environments imbued with elegance and grace. Central to Kerry’s philosophy is the conviction that genuine luxury and personal well-being are intricately intertwined with the spaces we occupy.

Kerry’s diverse style, exceptional quality, and innate understanding of her clients’ needs are evident in the outstanding caliber of her portfolio. Supported by her professional and creative studio team, Kerry ensures that every project is handled with style and precision.

Her extensive network of esteemed clients, both locally and internationally, is impressive, and her celebrated status within the design community is notable. Despite her impressive reputation and accolades, what truly impresses us is how she remains humble, approachable, and immensely likable.

We chat with Kerry about her work and uncover some industry (and personal) insights.

Q&A with Kerry

What kinds of interiors would you say you are known for?

I guess my signature style blends the sophistication of classical design elements with the sleekness of modern contemporary aesthetics, creating spaces that exude both elegance and timelessness. My approach seamlessly integrates modern architectural features with timeless furnishings, textures, and well-thought-out lighting, using innovative materials. I think this results in an environment that feels both luxurious and effortlessly chic.

Kerry Crause Interiors
Kerry Crause Interiors

Where do you find your inspiration for your interiors?  

I find inspiration from traveling; experiencing different cultures and environments can spark creativity and influence design choices. Design and architecture can draw inspiration from art movements, architectural styles, and famous landmarks, leading to unique design concepts. Definitely, social media platforms play a role in discovering interior design inspiration shared by professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Do you have a go-to design tip?  

My go-to design tip is very simple: live in your space, creating a sense of balance and harmony in your home. This involves considering elements such as colour, texture, scale, and proportions to ensure that the overall aesthetics are visually pleasing and cohesive. Additionally, incorporating personal touches and meaningful objects can add character and warmth to your timeless interiors.

Which of your projects are you most proud of and why?

The project I am most proud of is definitely Sagee Manor, situated in North Carolina, USA. It’s a project that we worked on for over 6 years. Everything was made in South Africa and shipped to America. The interior is honest and timeless and has been featured in the Daily Mail, The Wall Street Journal, Axios, New York Post, and recently on Fox News in America.

It was a project that needed careful consideration, from the architecture to the gardens, including the ambiance that reflects the feeling of being situated in the largest rainforest in North America. The Manor House is a remarkable 48-acre estate featuring breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Sagee Manor, with its inherent grandeur, presented a canvas that demanded reverence and subtlety in equal measure, closely aligning with the owner’s grand vision for the estate. My vision for this architectural gem was guided by a principle of ‘understated elegance.’ This ethos informed every decision, from the selection of serene, muted tones that whisper luxury, to the integration of bespoke pieces that articulate elegance through their expert craftsmanship and place within the space.

Each element was chosen not just for its aesthetic appeal but also for its ability to complement the mansion’s splendid architecture and landscapes, mirroring the owner’s desire for a harmonious blend of luxury and natural beauty. My approach was to let the property’s natural beauty and stature shine, subtly enhancing its features with textures and tones that evoke a sense of calm and sophistication. In doing so, Sagee Manor was transformed into a haven that not only showcases luxury in every detail but also deeply resonates with the owner’s refined vision and the tastes of the elite market, creating spaces that are both grand and intimately inviting.

What must-have item do you always keep in your handbag? 

I always have lip gloss on me, my phone, and an energy bar in case there is no time to eat!

How did you become an interior designer?

I became an interior designer through my love of beautifully crafted furniture. My first company supplied, manufactured and designed beautiful hand-carved furniture to retail shops, interior designers, and the commercial sector. From there, my design studio became a reality, and we have never looked back.

What’s the most treasured item in your own home, and what story does it tell about you?

My most treasured item in my home is a set of Murano Glass birds that were given to me by my late father, Bill Crauser. They are incredibly beautiful and definitely serve as a focal point in our home, not to mention being very sentimental to me.

You have worked globally so how do you see South African style as having a place on the international stage?

Operating from the vibrant heart of Johannesburg, South Africa, our design studio brings a distinctly global yet uniquely local perspective to the luxury design landscape. South Africa’s rich tapestry of cultures, combined with its abundant natural resources, infuses our designs with a depth and character that are as diverse as they are exquisite.

We leverage the best of local craftsmanship, materials, and design ethos to bring to life pieces and spaces that are not only luxurious but also imbued with a narrative that resonates on a global scale.

The advantage we offer is twofold: the ability to provide cost-effective yet uncompromisingly luxurious solutions and the opportunity to infuse projects with a fresh, South African-inspired perspective that distinguishes our clients’ spaces in the crowded luxury market. It is this unique blend of local excellence and global appeal that enables us to meet and exceed the refined expectations of our discerning international clientele.

What are your thoughts on the budget/ quality/ longevity debate?

This varies from project to project, as well as depending on the brief from our clients. However, our aim is always to deliver quality and contemporary classic design; it stands the test of time.

Kerry Crause Interiors

Which Core Furniture product do you currently have your eye on?

I have my eye on the Limbo Hoop Lamp by Kenneth Cobonpue… It’s absolutely stunning! I am always looking for unusual and stylish feature lighting and Core has a wide range. I am also a big fan of many of their Eichholtz Chandeliers and pendants.

With Kerry Crauser Interiors’ global team of contractors, artisans, and suppliers—carefully and personally selected by Kerry herself—the exacting level of precision, quality, and care required to successfully implement the studio’s design vision is ensured.

This design team understands that the success of their projects lies not only in the final result but also in the process as a whole. They take immense pride in the level of customer service they provide, accepting only a select number of projects each year to ensure that every client receives the time and focused attention they deserve.

Their impressive client list includes discerning homeowners as well as renowned brands such as Tashas, Transnet, and The Royal Villas. We look forward to continuing our relationship with this formidable design studio, infusing some Core Furniture style and quality into their projects.

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