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Cottage in the Vineyard

Fontanars, Spain ||

This cottage forms part of the revolutionary work of Ramon Esteve, designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscapes and respect it through the use of renewable energy sources.

The plot is accessed via a path surrounded by beautiful olive trees.  Modulated from white concrete and timber planks, high attention has been paid to being coherent with the natural surroundings, with the pinewood furniture and the carpentry for this retreat being specifically designed following the same modulation.

Upon entering the house through one of the wooden structures, the concrete central space opens out into a common area which all of the rooms can access.  The wide porch at the end of the house acts as a relaxing lounge area that is linked to the awe-inspiring dual landscape; on one side, views of the pine forest, on the other side a beautiful vineyard.

“Environmentally, it follows the guidelines for a passive house. Appropriate means are available to take advantage of renewable energy through the use of panels of solar energy, energy supply from biomass or collecting and storing drinkable rain water”. Ramón Esteve

Images subject to Ramon Esteve Estudio.

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