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Collections Summary


This luxe global brand creates timeless and captivating collections that embody the restrained elegance. By remaining innovative and dynamic whilst still maintaining an enduring style throughout their range, they have become an unquestionably significant influence in the world of designer furniture.


Arguably the world’s best luxury outdoor furniture manufacturer, this German brand has been raising the bar for design and innovation since 1990. They were the first to weave synthetic fibre into luxury outdoor designs, the first to place an absolute premium on quality and the first to become a truly global outdoor furniture brand. Working closely with some of the world’s leading designers, from household names to emerging talents, they produce stylish contemporary pieces of impeccable quality. 


Innovative and dynamic is what characterizes this Spanish brand, a leader in the design and manufacture of avant-garde indoor and outdoor furniture. A strong design culture is key to their success, with Ramón Esteve as the leading art director, they work with top international designers producing award winning pieces that lead global trends. Their furniture is made from sustainable materials that are highly durable and suited for permanent outdoor use.


Talenti creates furniture with strong architectural lines with a harmonious aesthetic. Their works have a contemporary edge that has propelled the brand to the international stage, working with top designers including: Ramón Esteve, Karim Rashid and Cristian Visentin. Talenti sets the benchmark for quality Outdoor Italian Furniture. Their pieces are an investment in quality and style that lasts.


Offering truly original products both in design and functionality, Naos has been a pioneer in Italian Industrial Design for over 30 years. Their dining tables expand at the touch of a button or from a unique mechanism, and their coffee tables rotate smoothly to show off different levels. With cutting edge technology, the most sophisticated materials like chromed metal, stainless steel, aluminium, ceramic, and glass, Naos presents visually impactful furniture elements that are futuristically prevalent and present-day need fulfilling. 


This Italian manufacturer has been producing exceptional luxury furniture pieces since 1969. Using synthetic materials suited for the outdoors, their attention to detail is simply phenomenal. Working with some of the world’s top designers, originality and aesthetics are core features of Varaschin. Each piece is built for comfort, style and durability. Elegant and sophisticated, this is Varaschin.


Embodying an organic yet modern approach to furniture & lighting design, Kenneth Cobonpue blends traditional Philippine hand crafting techniques with sustainable materials and premium quality fibres to create his extensive indoor and outdoor collections. The result is a signature aesthetic that is uniquely Cobonpue, and one that has garnered global success.


Honouring the famous fashion designer’s trademark gloriously unapologetic maximalism his range of furniture, lighting and accessories is all about decadence and opulence. The epitome of scandalous luxury and certainly “not your parents’ furniture!”


Vismara is a leading Italian manufacturer of fine entertainment pieces that embody true Italian design flair and craftsmanship Using only the finest quality materials their designs are crafted with absolute precision and are highly customisable. 


Founded in 1946, Ferreira de Sá is one of the biggest and oldest companies producing hand-made rugs in Europe. They offer three different production techniques: Hand-tufting, Portuguese Hand-knotting and Hand-weaving. Their talented and passionate artisans produce work of incredible quality with meticulous attention to detail. You can customize almost all their designs as well as create a completely original piece.


Pent blends timeless craftsmanship with ergonomic design in its line of luxury fitness equipment. It merges design and wellness in highly functional gym equipment that double as elegant objets d’art. A stylish add on to our fine furniture collections.


NOHRD adopts an unprecedented approach, continually showcasing how exercise equipment can effortlessly meld exceptional functionality with captivating visual allure to enhance your overall workout journey. Their focus lies on simplicity, functionality, and the utilization of sustainable materials. As a result, they create fitness experiences that elevate well-being and enhance quality of life, thanks to their painstakingly crafted and thoughtfully engineered fitness equipment.

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