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NOHRD luxury fitness equipment adopts an unprecedented approach, continually showcasing how exercise equipment can effortlessly meld exceptional functionality with captivating visual allure to enhance your overall workout journey. Their focus lies on simplicity, functionality, and the utilization of sustainable materials. As a result, they create fitness experiences that elevate well-being and enhance quality of life, thanks to their painstakingly crafted and thoughtfully engineered fitness equipment.

Nohrd Gym


The TriaTrainer is a multi-purpose training tool. Compact, yet versatile, effortlessly capable of transforming to meet your workout needs. Whether you’re looking to engage in bodyweight exercise, strength training or simple stretching, as with a variety of yoga poses, this bench has you covered.


WaterRower promises nothing less than unparalleled quality with an authentic rowing experience, in one single exercise machine. From the first stroke onward, this rower will win you over, giving you a natural feel of gliding through water. The WaterRower offers a gentle yet highly efficient full-body workout for beginners and professional athletes alike. Glide away in the comfort of your home or office.

Nohrd Equipment in Gym


The curved manual treadmill offers users all advantages of a self-determined running workout: the belt, consisting of flexible wooden slats and precision ball bearing engineering is exclusively powered by the user’s legs. The Sprintbok knows no speed limits, nor does it require settings. Infinitely variable from a comfortable walk to an all-out sprint, runners can fully determine their pace according to their personal running capacity.

Nohrd: Luxury Fitness Sprintbok


Dumbbell training traces back to ancient Greece, where Olympic athletes were well aware of the benefits of cultivating their arm, chest, and back muscles with various weights. The principles of free-weight training, including compound and isolation exercises, remain unchanged over time. Throughout the ages, the ultimate goal has remained constant: the development of strength and muscle. Nohrd strength includes the Rack With Dumbbells, Weight Bench, Wall Mounted Swingboard, and Slim Beam.

Dumbbell Rack and Weight Bench


At the forefront of their innovative offerings is the Eau-Me Board. This exceptional fitness accessory embodies the essence of balance, pushing users to confront a perpetually unsteady and shifting base, compelling their bodies to respond with each subtle tilt. Additionally, Nohrd presents the Nohrd Elasko bars, a testament to their commitment to holistic fitness. These bars are designed with a comprehensive full-body and soul training experience in mind.

Nohrd Eau-Me Board


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