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The “Reclining Lion” art piece, inspired by its vigilant muse, captures a majestic moment in marble. Handcrafted with precision, each piece is unique, showcasing variations in color and veining. Measuring W. 42.5 cm, D. 21 cm, and H. 22 cm, it echoes the symbolism of lions guarding temple entrances—a sign of regal strength and divine protection. Allow this sculpture to grace your space with its powerful presence, a reminder of the enduring forces that watch over the sacred.

The Object Reclining Lion is a recreation of a Ptolemaic- or Roman-period Egyptian sculpture of a reclining lion (332 B.C.–A.D. 364) at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Originally carved from limestone, the lion seems at rest yet alert with its large, placid head facing the viewer. It is known that pairs of lions such as this one might have flanked the entrances to ancient temples. Lions were associated with royalty, and suggested powerful protective forces over temples and gods. This reproduction has been exquisitely handcarved in white marble, affording each piece a unique color and natural veins. The sculpture rests on a white marble plinth.

In the detail

  • Object
  • White Marble
  • * Marble is a natural material, each piece differs in colour and veining
  • Size: W42.5 x D21 x H22cm
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Indoor use/dry locations only

Stock/Lead Time

  • Lead time is 12 – 14 weeks after receipt of deposit.


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