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Welcome to the world of suspension training, where the NOHRD Sling has been designed to utilize body weight and gravity to deliver all the benefits of a stronger core, better overall flexibility, and more strength. Use sling training for a dynamic, low-impact but highly effective workout where you’re able to target multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

Suspension – or sling – training continues to stand out as a top choice for a full-body workout method, due to its multi-layered advantages. Choose from a wide range of exercises that can be adapted to all fitness levels. This form of training forces you to engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously by always requiring you to stabilize and balance. You’ll constantly be working your core, as your body’s suspended position forces these muscles into constant work mode. The results: a strong core and overall balanced strength development.


In the detail

  • Sling Suspension Trainer
  • Easy adjustment by a gentle tug on the wooden ball rope for cable tension release
  • Compact design with countless exercises
  • Rings are made of high-grade multiplex wood and are stained black
  • Available in 6 finishes:
    * Ash
    * Club
    * Oak
    * Shadow
    * Cherry
    * Walnut
  • Disc Dimension: Dia22cm
  • Ring Dimension: Dia24cm
  • Maximum User Weight: 150kg

Stock/Lead Time

  • Lead time 12 – 14 weeks after receipt of deposit


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