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Teckell reinvents the classic game while creating an exquisite design object. These tables are masters
of their game guaranteeing not only an unrivalled performance, but exquisite beauty.

In the detail

  • Tempered clear crystal structure, 9/16” thick, with beveled and cerium oxide-polished corners
  • Playing field in Corian®. Available in pure white
  • Players made of aluminum: one team white epoxy powder coated, the other black epoxy powder coated
  • Artisans have applied a face on every single player
  • Chrome-plated brass handles and scoring units
  • Chrome-plated brass joints
  • Goals with polished stainless steel frames and handcrafted black nets
  • Teckell® Tool Kit includes: certificate of authenticity, variety pack of foosballs for different styles of play, instructions and tools for assembling and maintaining the product (including a special lubricant for a smoothly flowing game)
  • Designed for outdoor/indoor use
  • Adjustable feet for uneven ground
  • The telescopic rods are made of AISI 316 stainless steel, a type that is highly resistant to corrosion and commonplace on yachts
  • Rod ends featuring two layers of shock absorption
  • Rods are equipped with special, self-lubricating bearings so that they slide back and forth quietly, smoothly and quickly
  • Quick mount handles in chromed brass that fit perfectly and can be removed and replaced
  • Thick crystal structure increases the game’s speed
  • Size : L140 x W74/174* x H92 (* with table rods)

Stock/Lead Time

  • This product is imported from Italy in 14-16 weeks.


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Teckell is uniquely Italian. A design firm with a captivating stor...

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