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Teckell T1.3 Pool table is as solid as it is sleek. A classy reinterpretation of the traditional pool table, a
statement piece for a truly sophisticated game room.

In the detail

  • Each table created using only computer numerical control (CNC) machines which ensure unrivaled precision
  • Legs made of clear tempered crystal at least 9/16” thick with double-bevel edges
  • Playing field made of a single sheet of tempered crystal at least 9/16” thick
  • Simonis® 860 worsted wool playing surface, available in 25 colors VIEW HERE
  • Bases in solid Canaletto walnut wood
  • Polyurethane bumpers
  • Solid aluminum rails with Canaletto walnut wood inserts
  • Each table comes with the following Teckell® biliardo set:
  • • Four cues:
  • – 3 standard cues
  • 1 cue with 3lobite® join
  • 1 3lobite®  30cm extension
  • 1 Kamui® Stella bridge
  • * Game triangle
  • *  Super Aramith® Pro game balls set (American pool game)
  • • Pool cue chalk set
  • Teckell® Tool Kit includes: certificate of authenticity, instructions and tools for assembling and maintaining the product
  • Designed for indoor use
  • This pool table is also variable in an eight-feet version, ideal for modern homes’ living spaces
  • The incline of the crystal legs differs slightly between the 9 and 8 feet table sizes
  • Exclusive system of interchangeable, magnetic covers
  • Plug-and-play system: cloth stretching technique that is easy and flawless for a perfectly even playing surface
  • Precise leveling system utilizing 12 screws hidden inside the table’s wooden base
  • Installation of a soundproofing polyurethane layer below the cloth
  • Classic pockets have been replaced by highly flexible polyurethane pockets that can hold three playing balls and return to their original shape when emptied
  • Available in 2 sizes:
  • 1) 9ft – L290 x W163 x H82cm
  • 2) 8ft – L260 x W148 x H82cm

Stock/Lead Time

  • This product is imported from Italy in 14-16 weeks.


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