Privacy Policy


– It is recorded that Core will be processing Personal Information for the Purchaser as specified in Purchase Order or Invoice (“the Contract”). The Parties agree that in processing such Personal Information, to comply with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013.

Core, may, with the knowledge and consent of the Purchaser process and use such Personal Information for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations under the Contract.

Core will treat the Personal Information that comes to its knowledge as confidential and will not disclose it unless required by law or in the course of the proper performance of its obligations.

– Core shall limit access to the Personal Information only to those employees who need to know in order to enable Core to perform its obligations under this Contract.

– Upon termination of the Contract and upon written request from the Purchaser, Core shall return to the Purchaser any record containing, pertaining or relating to the Personal Information disclosed pursuant to the Contract. Alternatively, Core shall, at the instance of the Purchaser, destroy such material and confirm to the Purchaser that it has done so.

– Core agrees that it shall be accountable at all times to the Purchaser with regard to the processes used in processing personal information

– In the event of Core having been grossly negligent in terms of its obligations in respect of the protection of personal information, Core indemnifies the Purchaser and holds it harmless against any loss, liability, damage or expense of any nature suffered and substantiated  by the Purchaser (where onus of proof thereof will lay with the Purchaser) and which may accrue against or be charged to or be recovered from or sought to be recovered from the Purchaser arising from Core’s breach of its obligations to the Purchaser in terms of the Core’s grossly negligent or intentional non-lawful conduct in relation to the processing of the Purchaser’s Personal Information.