Maintenance + Care


Please follow the below handy tips in order to prolong the product life of your furniture purchased at Core Furniture Concepts.





Steer clear of utilizing water to clean wood furniture. Only when necessary clean applicable areas with a sanitary cloth dipped into a solution of mild soap and clean water, wipe with clean damp cloth to remove any leftover soap and then dry with a soft cloth.

Ensure that your wood furniture is kept away from direct sunlight whenever possible to avoid fading.


Excessive moisture in the air can cause rust to form, use a solution of mild soap and clean water and an old rag to remove any rust.  Using baking soda may also help:  mix some baking soda with water to prepare a thick paste, spread on rusted metal surfaces and gently scrub it off after some time.

Certain areas of stainless steel will collect grime on the surface, which may resemble rust – this is easily removable with a scourer and water.


The easiest way to clean glass is to use glass cleaner and paper towels or a lint-free towel. A good glass cleaner purchased from your local store will usually do the job. Prior to use, apply a dampened towel to the area and wipe the glass to remove any excess dirt and grime.  Newspaper, could be used instead of towels, this has the likely effect of the prevention of streaking.

Never use glass cleaner on any surface other than glass as the chemicals can damage metal finishes.


Sun exposure with leather pieces cause significant fading and drying.  Over time, the leather’s natural oil slowly evaporates, causing stiffening and cracking to the furniture.

The darker the color, the more likely the leather will be to fading. Once leather has faded, the color cannot be restored without re-dyeing or reupholstering the piece.

Conditioning the leather as often as twice a year can help prevent drying and cracking. Limit direct sunlight exposure and avoid using cleaning products not specifically designed for leather.

Quality leather care products can be used (following the manufacturer’s instructions) where applicable.  These products are of a creamy consistency and are designed to be buffed into the leather. For slightly faded pieces, a color refresh product buffed into the leather can help breathe some new life back into it.

Periodic care with quality creams gives the leather a better look, enhances its life and creates a semi-waterproof film that protects the material.

More serious damage would require it to be reupholstered.


Regularly wiping down your leather furniture and vacuuming the creases could assist in the prevention of dust buildup.


Certain elements of nature may damage your furniture and invalidate your guarantee.

Outdoor furniture tends to be expensive and requires regular maintenance in order to fight the inevitable accumulation of dirt, grime, and rust.


Wicker product that is left outdoors permanently and exposed to harsh weather changes (i.e. extreme heat, rain, frost, etc.) will start to chip, fade or crack in time.  Hence care should be taken to ensure regular coverage of wicker product when not in use or moving it to sheltered areas as this will substantially prolong its life span.  Please note that wicker furniture placed directly under glass results in the acceleration of aging.


Rattan furniture is made of high-density polyethylene.  Please note that this product is a man-made resin fiber that is eco-friendly and recyclable.  This product has been treated with UV inhibitors and is durable, mold resistant and easy to maintain.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of these pieces are necessary to ensure the longevity of the product.  We recommend usage of a soft brush to remove the dust that may accumulate, clean with a mild soap detergent and a soft cloth, thereafter rinse and allow to dry.

Use of high-pressure hoses and abrasive cleaning materials not recommended.


Use of furniture within close proximity to the sea does result in excessive moisture in the air (severity thereof depending on the proximity to the ocean) and can cause rust to form.  To prevent this, use a solution of mild soap and clean water and an old rag to remove any rust.  There is a responsibility to maintain and wash furniture at regular intervals, salt has a corrosive effect and as such furniture is to be hosed down at regular intervals.

All rotating and/or moving parts, e.g. the wheels of sun loungers, need to be treated regularly with lubricants.  As such, we recommend the use of WD40 where necessary.


Please note:  Core’s warranty will be invalidated if maintenance is not carried out regularly for items used in an environment with extreme or harsh weather conditions.  These include, but are not limited to proximity to salt water, rain, sunlight, and wind.




  • We recommend that product should be wiped once a week with a clean cloth and with appropriate cleaning material.
  • Rattan and polypropylene furniture should be cleaned with warm water and dishwashing liquid – do not use aggressive cleaning products or bleach.
  • If you are unsure about which cleaning product to use, or wish to test a new cleaning product, we suggest for such product to be tested on a hidden part of the item (to be cleaned) and thereafter wait for a minimum of 72 hours before embarking on using this product across all items if the result has been satisfactory. This is purely a maintenance procedure and should only be done every few months.
  • Do not use aggressive products such as acids, solvents, or products containing chlorine, ammonia, or powder detergents, steel wool and plastic fiber sponges as they may all ruin leather and most other surfaces.
  • Cushion fabric is not to be washed in warm water as the fabric will shrink. Please note that aggressive detergents will remove the coating on the fabrics – use mild soap solution only.
  • For any uncertainty in this regard, please contact us for instructions and we will inform you once advised by the manufacturer. Any incorrect use of cleaning material shall immediately invalidate Core’s warranty on any product.