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Seaside Serenity


The elegance of the Milos collection, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Vondom, shines in the exterior of the recently completed Lovia Mykonos hotel, a luxurious seaside serenity on the Greek island of Mykonos. Situated in a privileged location with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, the Milos sun loungers and daybeds create an atmosphere of relaxation and style next to the stunning infinity pool

Lovia Mykonos is a paradisiacal destination where guests can rest while feeling the breeze of the Aegean Sea and enjoying the panoramic view of the island of Mykonos. Here, the Milos sun loungers and daybeds transform the pool area into a place of peace and elegance, allowing guests to enjoy the Greek sun and the breathtaking sunsets that characterize this island.

Between Milos and Lovia Mykonos, there is a deep understanding of the Mediterranean essence. The natural forms and soft tones of the Milos collection, with cream aluminum finishes, Glad Desert fabrics, and iroko wood details on the legs, integrate perfectly with the island landscape. Each element has been carefully selected to enhance the guest experience, offering a tranquil retreat where they can relax and enjoy the serenity of the Aegean Sea, making each stay truly special.

Jean-Marie Massaud draws inspiration from the simplicity and purity of organic forms to create the Milos collection. Each piece is a tribute to the harmony between modern design and natural serenity. The sun loungers and daybeds of this collection are characterized by their smooth, flowing lines, inviting relaxation and enjoyment of the surroundings.

The design of these outdoor furniture pieces is not only visually appealing but also intended to offer maximum functionality. The high-quality materials used in the Milos collection ensure durability and resistance to weather conditions without sacrificing comfort. This balance between aesthetics and practicality makes Vondom products ideal for outdoor spaces like those at Lovia Mykonos.

The Milos sun loungers and daybeds provide a perfect spot by the infinity pool at Lovia Mykonos for reading a book, enjoying a refreshing drink, or simply gazing at the horizon. This new exterior design redefines how outdoor luxury is enjoyed, offering an unmatched combination of comfort and style.

The handcrafted precision of German-manufactured fitness brand, Nohrd, is the equipment of choice for the hotel’s gym. Its remarkable wooden design and ease of functionality pairs perfectly with the natural tones used throughout the hotel.

From strength training, to sculpting and cardio, the Nohrd range of products offers the discerning guest a phenomenal health and wellness experience. Train on the Nohrd Bike for that morning ride, or build muscle with the weight bench and dumbbells. This will make for a revitalized start to the day before exploring Mykonos.


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