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Origami Collection

A collection of design pieces by Studio Vondom where the millenary tradition of the Japanese art of paper folding merges with the avant-garde of contemporary design. Inspired by the simplicity and sophistication of Origami, this collection brings the essence of simplified geometry outdoors through an exquisite selection of animals and faceted vases. Each piece, the result of a meticulous design process, not only captures the intrinsic beauty of geometric shapes, but also invites a sensory experience where light and shadow play to create captivating visual spectacles.

Saru & Hyou

Saru, the gorilla, and Hyou, the tiger, are the masterpieces that embody the strength and spirit of the collection and stand out for their imposing presence. These animals, fundamental in the Japanese cultural imaginary, are presented in a faceted execution that captures their wild and majestic essence, symbolizing courage and elegance respectively.

Tori & Kotori

The representation of the bow tie is perhaps the most direct allusion to the art of Origami within the collection. With Tori, the large one, and Kotori, the small one, these pieces encapsulate the essence of Origami in its purest form, symbolising peace, health and good luck. Their presence is a constant reminder of the delicacy and intricate detail that characterises Origami, a practice that, like every piece in this collection, combines technical precision with a deep emotional and cultural charge.

Usagi, Neko, Kitsune & Inu

The most beloved wildlife companions in the Japanese ideology: the rabbit, the cat, the fox and the dog. Each, available in standard and mini sizes – Kousagi (small rabbit), Koneko (kitten), Kokitsune (fox) and Koinu (puppy) – not only evokes the grace and cunning of these animals, but also reflects the importance of the names and their meanings in Japanese culture. These pieces facilitate a more intimate and personal connection to the art of Origami, allowing each viewer to interpret its symbolism in their own unique way.

Origami Planters

The collection is also enriched with faceted vases, inspired by Japanese natural and cultural elements: Hanami, celebrating the contemplation of cherry blossoms; Hasu, inspired by the serene beauty of the lotus; Hinoki, evoking the nobility of the Japanese cypress; Kashi, paying homage to the ancient trees of Japan; and Yuri, symbolizing the grace of the lily. Each vase is a piece of art that reflects the harmony between nature and the human hand, bringing a piece of Japanese tranquility and balance to any environment.

Studio Vondom’s Origami collection celebrates timeless elegance, transforming every space into a work of art, where functionality and design philosophy intertwine to offer moments of unparalleled visual poetry and refinement.

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