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Located about 40km outside Melbourne lies Burnham Beeches, a beautiful old mansion that has stood abandoned for over 20 years. Internationally renowned artist Rone, took to it with aplomb as the new setting for his most ambitious installation yet, titled “Empire”.

“A multi–sensory installation spread throughout the deserted Burnham Beeches residence 40 kilometres east of Melbourne”

This entire art installation requires all the senses in order to fully experience the beauty and emotive nostalgia conveyed through Rone’s creation.

Here Rone explored the concept of old and new, and it really feels as if time had stood still. This mansion is both alive and dead at the same time, the combination and effect is beautifully poignant.

We are in awe at the high levels of skills used in this masterpiece, created over a course of 12 months, the overall effect is haunting.

These melancholic scenes of times long past are really reminiscent of a ghost town. Once alive with people, now standing empty as if the once present aristocrats had simply packed their bags and left, to return at any time.

We can strongly visualise the echoes reverberating throughout the empty rooms, the melancholic expressions on the portraits convey the feeling of abandonment and sadness. We can even smell the rustic scents of mold, dirt and dust.

Rone really outdid himself here, this installation is magnificent. It is emotional, raw, and awe inspiring.

The Burnham Beeches mansion, outside view.


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