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With a legacy spanning 23 years, Bomax Architects has firmly established itself as one of Cape Town’s, and indeed South Africa’s, top architectural firms. Led by Dion Walters and partner Josh Brodie, this firm boasts a team of dedicated and experienced design and technical architects who share a vision for sustainability within a minimalist architectural style. Whilst their portfolio encompasses both commercial and residential projects, their recent focus has been on luxury residential architecture.

Getting to know architect Dion Walters

What would you say you are known for? 

Bomax Architects is known for its contemporary architecture with a minimalist style. Our distinctiveness lies in our commitment to creating Sustainable Solutions for Contemporary Architecture. Designing buildings that are not only stunning, but also consider the natural environment is a core focus of our design approach. We always aim to integrate sustainable principles wherever possible.

Where do you find your inspiration?  

My inspiration stems from the inherent balance and order found in nature. The modular and systematic patterns observed in well-resolved architecture captivate me. In today’s media-saturated world, distinguishing between reality and illusion can be challenging. While images can sometimes be influential, it is the tangible experience of standing in a masterful structure itself that fuels my creativity. 

What is your number one design tip?  

Understanding the sequence of priorities is crucial. In architecture, this principle is often referred to as “form follows function”. By addressing essential utilities such as circulation and movement in a logical sequence, the building’s design emerges organically. Then, we reduce noise through simplification. Achieving true minimalism is indeed a complex process. 

Which of your projects are you most proud of, and why?  

1. Outer Kom House: A passion project for the Bomax “archisurfers”, the Outer Kom House stands proudly on the untamed Kommetjie point of the Cape Peninsula. This modern-day “surf shack” effortlessly blends with its natural surroundings, serving as an extension of the environment. By implementing passive design principles, repurposing an existing building structure, employing efficient waste management during construction, conserving the precious milkwood coastal forest, and harnessing renewable energy sources, this project has become a model for us in our sustainable architecture journey. Outer Kom House is an ocean lover’s paradise, embodying innovation, and environmental sensitivity.

2. House Llandudno: One of our most notable and challenging undertakings… Constructed with cast off-shutter concrete, this Atlantic Coast residence features striking contemporary forms that embody a passive design approach. The razor-edge detail creates an illusion of weightlessness and elegantly cantilevers over the horizon. The concrete forms create a juxtaposition between themselves and the surrounding nature, adding a unique stateliness to the building and serving a functional purpose: tempering the harsh Cape storms. House Llandudno has been shortlisted for the design et al 2023 International Design & Architecture Awards. You can vote for House Llandudno in the Residential Architectural Property category until Wednesday, 6 September, at 1:00 pm SAST. The results will be announced on Friday, 6 September.

Where have you used Core Furniture products before?  

Most recently, we integrated the Vondom Vela range at Sancape, a residential home in Cape Town, set to be completed later this year. 


Vela Sun Lounger & Vela Daybed by Vondom

Which Core Furniture product do you currently have your eye on?  

Several products have captured our attention, but one that stands out is the new Milos range from Vondom. We are particularly eager to incorporate this range into the outdoor spaces of our upcoming Mediterranean-inspired home, Sunset Villa, in Cape Town. Inspired by my family’s unforgettable sailing expedition to Milos Island last year, this furniture collection seamlessly integrates with our design and beautifully captures the essence of that inspiring experience.


Milos Modular Sofa, Milos Upholstered Lounge Chair & Milos Coffee Table by Vondom


Milos Sun Lounger by Vondom, Sofa Bjorn and Chair Maguire by Eichholtz

Additionally, the Vela range remains a favourite at Bomax Architects. It complements our architectural style beautifully, and we intend to incorporate it into our future designs with the likes of our Villa Vera project.


The Vela Dining Table & Vela Armchair by Vondom

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