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Luxury furniture manufacturer, Boca do Lobo’s newest project is a this ultra-luxurious Parisian penthouse. Stunning designs and impeccable craftmanship are on full display. 

The Hera Suspension Lamp takes inspiration from mother nature moulded to resemble the features and look of a round golden branch.

Hand-painted-tiles have gained a privileged place in architecture throughout the centuries, especially in Portugal, the home of Boca Do Lobo. This country has adopted them like no other and in order to honour the tradition, Boca do Lobo created the Heritage Sideboard. This piece presents a different number of layers, where each one tells a different story. 

The D. Dinis Mirror is a meticulously handcrafted dramatic feature piece. As with all Boca Do Lobo pieces its’ bold and confident proportions make a big statement.

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