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CORE CRUSH: Grand Hotel Portals Nous

Nestled on the divine beaches of Majorca, Spain, The Grand Hotel Portals Nous was designed by the highly acclaimed Marcel Wanders. We were thoroughly captivated when we first came across this ethereal masterpiece, and we are seriously crushing hard.

Strong, bold colours make for a rich and zesty combination – we are in love!

Yes, that really is a stripper pole! Why not?

Dark and lustrous reds set in amongst gleaming metallics and thrown into a mix of luxurious fabric with charcoal accents.
Vivaciously sexy, that’s what we’re talking about.

Midnight blue zodiac carpets, white patterned walls, a star lit ceiling… We simply can’t tear our eyes away from this heavenly mix.
The intricate detail in this celestial melody is utterly exquisite.

The combination of white surfaces, mozaic patterned tiles and strong blue hues brings to mind reflections of Ancient Greece.
We are spellbound, this venue is divine.

Why we love Marcel Wanders:

Photography © Marcel Wanders

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